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How William Shattner's shirt always gets ripped off during fight scenes...

...I tend to get a mental image of Kirk pulling the villains aside, and Cafe-style, having a whispered conversation along these lines:

Kirk: "Ah... look, I need to ask you a favour."

Villain: *raising an eyebrow* What?

Kirk: "There's this loose thread on the top seam along my collar... see?"

Villain: "S'what?"

Kirk: "...well, could you... well, just sorta, at some point during our dramatic and amusingly-choreographed fight scene, grab ahold of it and just sorta... tear it along the shoulder, so my shirt comes off?"

Villain: "What th'hell for?"

Kirk: (conspiratorialy) "Well... you know... I'm the Hero, and... well, come on, man... the *audience*. The... *fans*."

Villain: *scowl* "Oh. I see."

Kirk: "So could you..."

Villain: (stares for a moment, then, sulkily:) "...yeah. All right. But I'd better get good noting in the credits for this!"

Kirk: "Oh yeah, sure. Guest Star, etcetera etcetera. With caps and everything."

Villain: (cheering up somewhat) "Okay, okay. Let's get on with it, then..."

...and then the fight ensues.

Heh. Okay... too much Star Trek in one day... And this is pre-McCoy! What the hell am I watching it for...? *wanders off muttering*

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