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An apology to the CBC.

I am sorry that earlier today I accused you of being boring. I realise now that this is woefully untrue. You managed, in fact, to make a ferry crash that killed/injured nobody but a few expensive boats, and in which the ferry announcer informed the crew, with little to no inflection: "Please brace yourselves, as we are going to crash," sound actually mildly interesting, to the point where hundreds of people flooded the BCFerries phone tree with frenzied questions about whether the ferry schedule would be congested the following morning. I, myself, admit that I was somewhat concerned about the possibility of a two-ferry sailing wait two days later as I drove my sister to Narnia camp. Kudos on your detailed and helpful coverage of such a relevant local issue. If ever I wondered about the reaction of Vancouverites in a possible terrorist attack, your perspective on this and other news events has answered my question for me. Should an actual emergency occur, I will endeavour to avoid heavy traffic.
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