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This is your Friendly Neighbourhood Spacecrack Dealer calling...

Okay, so it's looking like Firefly Day will have to be a Sunday. If we want to get all the way through we're looking at about twelve hours (*squee*), so I think we'd start late morning. Now, I've got Sundays free so far, as does dianahobart, catsclaws, and I believe wixon. mik100 works morning to afternoon Sunday, but she's already a convicted Browncoat and so she can come partway through, if she likes, and not miss too much. :)

Still haven't heard from neatlittlelass (assuming she still wants to come?), and dragonfly13's probably working, but she's also seen most of them and can also come partway through if she likes. Anybody else within reasonable geographic distance who'd like to come to an extremely geeky Firefly marathon, please speak up. The more the merrier (so long as you bring food. ;).

Sound off, future addicts, please. ^.^

EDIT: BTW, we're probably talking Sunday the 24th, as the following Sunday I'll be in Toronto, out of touch in more ways than one. ;) After that I'll probably be working and can't speak as to my availability.
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