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Speaking of a hot cup of tea...

So, apparently Britain has reacted, sensibly, to this crisis by having a nice hot cup of tea. Very sensible. *nods* I keep wondering, every time this sort of thing happens, how Canadians would take random explosions. I mean, I lot of time would be taken up with sheer bafflement as to why anyone would bother wasting explosives on Canada, but still. Americans, acknowledgedly, just sort of panic. The media's built that way. The Brits, not so much, being more used to it. I guess our reaction would be somewhere in between, leaning more toward the British on the West Coast, and a little more to the American on the East, maybe, but on that latter point I can only vaguely theorize.

So, instead of a nice hot cup of tea, it would be a nice cold keg, a joint, and some street hockey to calm the nerves, but still, y'know. *shrug*

In other news, the President of the United States reacted to this crisis by riding his bicycle into a tree. Which immediately, of course, indicated to me that he's realized he's not cool enough to be President, so is trying to imitate a cool fictional one. (I watch too much television. ;)

Have appointment at Proper Temp Agency tomorrow. Did not like the one today. Too much work involving training sessions which include repetitions of the words "toxic," "hazardous," "immediate death," "fracture," "sunstroke," "forklift," and "hard hat." I have reviewed my options and determined that I am actually *still* not that desperate. I signed up with them, but may not actually use them.

Give me wussy geeky temp-work, O God of Income. I will build a dozen html-files in thy name. I can type. Boy, can I type. I'll commute two hours and sit still eight hours with a SMILE if you only give me something where I mostly type.
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