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The Inside.

I just caught about fifteen minutes of this, then had to look it up because all I knew about it was the ninety-second commercials, so far.

Now, I must note that con: the whole show is based, it seems, on the victimhood of the main character. However, she seems just twitchy enough to be interesting. But at the moment she's all shrinking-violet and that just annoys me.

However, pro: Adam Baldwin. The last few minutes of the episode were the main characters sitting around a pub table and I just kept defaulting to the fact that Jayne was sitting at a pub table sipping a drink called Tahitian Maiden's Dream, complete with paper umbrella and edible orchid, threatening to bring in his Casio keyboard and enact numbers from Yentl (yes, I had to look that up - Streissand!), all delivered with Jayne-like dryness and only slightly less accent. I may have to watch this show if only for that. Jayne in a suit, also. ;)

One more day of desperate job-hunting and-- Ohmygod! Look! Michelle Forbes!

Television is just so incredibly incestuous these days. I don't know if this is cool or if it just worries me. o.O

Yeah. Anyway. Tomorrow, Friday... I hope by Monday.

My head hurts and I have a paper to finish.

EDIT: So, by the way, you irl folk need to weigh in, now, on a Firefly day. I honestly have no idea what my schedule might become in the near future, but knowing yours helps. So. Schedules, people.

URGENT OMG EDIT: Um. Nadja? There's a concert at the Orpheum on Saturday. Alanis Morissette and Jason Mraz. *FLAIL*

MILD HESITATION EDIT: It's actually rather expensive. Um. Thoughts?
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