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Still totally enamoured of the layout, and yet... now somewhat desperate on two counts. One: still don't have West Wing S6E5, "The Hubbert Peak." (Yes, I know this is the third time I've mentioned it. This is why I said "desperate.") Two:I no longer have company for the ride back from driving lilymc to camp on Monday - my two first choices dropped out, my third choice couldn't swing the time off, and our standby, the other sister, only seems to go to work at all when we need her for something. I still have to drive her regardless, and the trip back will be a long, boring ride by myself. There are not that many CDs in the world, really. Anybody free Monday? With some good CDs? (That last part is negotiable. Ki's the object of the trip, making her primarily responsible for tunes.)

EDIT: Oh! Slightly less urgent, though no less important: Dad's laptop started doing some freaky flickering stuff - something to do with a three-dollar part that makes the screen light up. This is the only thing wrong with it, but it will apparently cost a few hundred bucks to fix, and the damn thing isn't really worth that much, though I love it dearly. Anyway, my dad, having way more free stuff connections than he deserves, is now in the process of acquiring *another* free laptop from the same fan that gave him this one, and has offered me the slightly-broken (in that the screen does not light up, and although it can be hooked up to a regular monitor and used as a bulky harddrive this rather defeats the purpose) laptop in the hopes that I may be able to get it fixed for free. On that note, does anybody out there in LJ land within a reasonable geographic distance have the ability, or free access to someone with the ability, to fix something like this? I can't remember what the part is called, but apparently the part itself is cheap, and it's the labour, involving ungluing and regluing or something, that is the complicated part. Anybody? I'll pay in brownies, webpage design, or just about anything reasonable. (Any helpful responses will be followed by some useful specs. ;)
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