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So, I finally saw episode thirteen of Doctor Who.

Can I just say?

*sniff* Jack! And the cuteness! And the... the... Super-Rose! And RoseMum being less annoying than usual! And Mickey finally Getting It! And the omnisexual goodbye-kiss! *repeat sniff*

I'm not sure how I can forgive my parents, for *only* raising me on Trek. That's... monotheistic! And hypocritical! *They* were indoctrinated into DW way-back-when! Maybe not obsessively, but they knew it was out there!

Anyway, I'm really quite upset. I am also, however, partway through (my very own quasi-legal copy of!) DS9 Season One for the first time in like two years, and GODS did I miss my best Trek, and I am falling in love with all the rampant-and-only-marginally-clandestine-sexually-ambiguous-relationships all over again. Especially when we worked out that if Julian got all remixed at age six, that makes him, from some angles, only twenty-one when he comes onboard. And, gods. The very first scene in the second episode, Garak is already fondling him in public.

Yes. *ahem* Anyway. ;)

I swear, with Firefly already safely on my shelf (once captainspiffy's done with it), once I've got the rest of DS9 and also B5, and possibly West Wing (I've got Season Six! But damnit episode five is skippy so I have to wait for a good file, and I'm going insane waiting - though I could probably do without West Wing if pressed), I could just hide away in my apartment and never need to turn on cable ever again. ^.^

Oh. Also? I have interviews. With people who may potentially like to exchange my work for money. None of them are particularly *good* potentials, but it's only 'til the end of August, so it doesn't really matter that much. *really needs to get next week's paper done tonight if any chance of continuing sanity is to survive*
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