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I saw it! (insert incoherent noises here)

Wash. Oh, my gods, Wash. *sniff*

Kaylee/Simon. My heart actually stopped for a second there. ^.^

Pax. Whoooooole new meaning.

Also: I have booty. I should have got more booty but I suppose there'll be other screenings. ;)

And! Jewel Staite was there. She spent at least an hour afterward up front answering questions. (Specifically, we learned that between her and Nathan, Jewel is cleverer, and that "kissing Sean was wonderful" (emphasis hers) "and he smells very nice." Allow me to repeat: ^.^

And unofficially outside she was signing things. None of my things, because I had not foreseen the need to carry a silver Sharpie around with me. (Easily remedied.)

Joss's intro before the movie was possibly my favourite part. :D (I feel like I should have a t-shirt now that says "trust in Joss." :D

I'm really just... in mild, somewhat pleasant shock. However: scary. Am looking forward to seeing it nine or ten more times.

After I sleep. Like, now.
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