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In which I STILL really need a job...

I'm at school, and I had to come earlier because I had to get to the SFSS office before it closed and pick up my ISIC card, and go to Travel Cuts (cheapest ticket still not cheap, but about what I expected - sigh), and now I've got an hour to kill before meeting lisew and nothing to do. Didn't bring a book, so can't read, but might eat something. *checks catalogue* Library has a Heinlein book I've never heard of. Maybe I'll go check it out and carry it around campus for an hour.

...there is also the distinct possibility that I will curl up in a corner somewhere and go to sleep. I probably should, as I only slept about two hours this morning and that's not good at all. However, the equally likely possibility that I will not wake up again in a timely manner might be too big a risk. But I'm getting a headache and I feel drained... no. No, I will find something else. Too bad I can't quiiiite justify playing Solitaire on the library computer for the next hour. But I really should do something about food.

Going swimming tomorrow! Haven't been swimming in ages upon ages. Love swimming.

Yeah, that was a miserably failed attempt at distracting myself from tonight. *bounces* Six hours to go... ^.^
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