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Ramblings, or Why The Hell Am I Conscious?

I have no idea whatsoever why I am still awake. I finished the paper, like, four hours ago, and should have gone to sleep then, but I told myself "take a shower, then sleep," and then I got distracted by shiny things, and then I remembered to look up a pattern for someone's Harry Potter costume (BTW, mik100? It's Simplicity 5840.), and now I am here. It's amazing the bulk of time that can be sucked mysteriously away into the Internet like water down a drain. A magic drain. With super-gravity. That can bend time and space.

Okay. Still must shower. Have things to do today. Should go to school and do stuff. Before that at some point I should sleep a little. Um. o.O
Tags: general geek, irl folk, school

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