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Something big's going on downtown. I've been hearing sirens for an hour and the third emergency vehicle in twenty minutes just sped past my building. I'm seeing nothing on the news, though. Hmm.

*goes back to paper*

EDIT: What is with the bloody BEETLES? I don't know what kind of beetles they are, but they're quite large and they keep flying in through the sliding door, which results in a ten-minute chase around my apartment with an empty mayonaise jar and a flattened cereal box so that I may trap and forcibly evict the intruder, both because I dislike squishing bugs and also because they're quite large bugs, and the squish would be messy, and my carpet is light-coloured and that's just yuck. Is it swarm season for anything big and clicky? o.O

BWAHAH EDIT: I am actually *not* playing raquetball tomorrow, because I'm doing that other thing that both lisew somehow managed to completely forget about, but then remembered. :D

HMM EDIT: There goes another ambulance. o.O

OMG EDIT: West Wing 5x22 = *sputterchokeack* *pokes BitTorrent* Download faster, damnit...
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