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Ah, the snark (and musings on how the internet has shredded my patience).

An exerpt from season three:
JED: "Did you know that hardly any of the guys who landed on the moon are married to the same people they were married to before they went there?"
ABBY: "What?"
JED: "I'm just saying that it could be worse. I could have been an astronaut."
ABBY: "You could not have been an astronaut."
JED: "I'd have been a great astronaut."
ABBY: "You're afraid of heights, speed, fire and small places."
JED: "I'd have overcome it to go to the moon."
ABBY: "I know you would have. ...There's something important I have to say. ...I haven't really made up my mind yet, but at the moment, I'm leaning towards voting for you."

I'm two episodes away from finishing Season Five of The West Wing. I mention this because after that there is only Season Six, which will take roughly one billion years (or a week, somewhere in between) to download, and then there are no more, and then I AM ALMOST OUT OF WEST WING EPISODES. (I want to take a moment here to express my bitter, bitter hatred for everybody who ever made The West Wing sound funny or clever or in any way enticed me into becoming a fan. This is all your fault. And my dad's. And my having been, well, sitting there when Dad randomly started playing Season One when I was home one weekend and getting instantaneously addicted because, well, I'm just that kind of geek. But mostly yours. I mean it. I'll get you for this.)

I think the internet has ruined me for episodic fiction. Being able to get stuff right away in big chunks and then sit there and watch it all at once without waiting for the normally-acceptable weeky-episode format of normal television has totally wrecked what little patience I may once have claimed to have. Which is, actually, okay, as I've *got* the internet, and everything, but as my patience shrinks smaller and smaller it becomes more and more frustrating to wait a week to get a whole season and I've begun to transfer that impatience onto real TV which I still actually have and shouldn't forsake, because for all its flaws TV has been pretty good to me and I don't want to seem ungrateful (except for FOX, the bastards, and to some degree, Disney, and the horrible social and artistic damage wreaked by reality TV). Also I think I'm overcompensating because I haven't had a serious, consistent fandom since the X-Files started to suck, or Buffy started to suck, or I picked up Firefly which is different because it's sort of sporadically active, and I also haven't really written much of anything in almost a year and I feel like the two are connected, because they always have been, and that's just depressing.

Oh, and Doctor Who, too. I have seen up to episode twelve, now, and I know what's going to happen in episode thirteen, and I'm getting pre-emptively weepy because damnit, that's just not fair, and I have never been a big huge DW fan but damn you, Christopher Eccelston, and the big problem is the difficulty of actually going back and watching everything and being a proper fan, because a lot of it has vanished into the mists of time, which is sad. And I've been watching it with my parents (who are better fans than I), and last night I was thinking that well, I *could* succumb and download the next episode, and invite the sad thing earlier and get it over with, but I should wait 'til next week, and damn, seven days never seemed like such a long time before file-sharing. *sigh*

Yeah, I'm waiting. >.<

Anyway, only two episodes of West Wing Season Five to watch, then another week before I can watch DS9 Season One (which actually should be here in a couple of days), or B5, or the next season of West Wing, and I have the patience of a potted cactus.

I should finish my paper now. I'm apparently going to play raquetball tomorrow. o.O
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