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Some People...

It's snowing. It's snowing a *lot*... great, huge flakes... and with any luck, the kind that will block roads and keep profs trapped in the country. Yeah; I can deal with a little enforced isolation for the sake of a day off.

Though I'm starting to understand why I feel like my brain is melting in this town. It's like we're trapped here - you can't just hop on a bus and go somewhere with a little... well... *more* of... everything. It makes me *feel* trapped. A bit claustrophobic. Weird, huh?

The rest of this is a mostly-unrelated rant. Sorry.

You know what really, *really*, REALLY pisses me off? People who who are incapable of standing in an argument *without* dragging it up to a moral high ground. Who don't seem to understand the phrase "for the sake of argument" very well, but rather have to regard every discussion as if the winning or losing of the argument defines their entire character. ARGH. And I also hate how some people, when distressed at the prospect of losing said argument, take snarky, holier-than-thou jabs at my character and humanity, and then feel somehow triumphant for managing to put me in my place.

Holier-than-thou. Damnit; I am *not* that bad a person. And nobody who has the qualifications to *claim* they're a better person than someone else would *ever* drag up damaging and/or unpleasant facts about their opponent and throw them the opponent's face. *Just* because we disagree does *not* mean I'm wrong, or that I'm necessarily trying to convince you that I'm right, or that either of us has to convert the other to the "correct" way of thinking.

OR that there's anything *wrong* with me. DAMNIT.

Hell, maybe I *am* crazy. So what? I admit that I have serious trouble understanding people who were raised to beleive that *anything* they believe is completely, irrevocably absolute, for any reason... eg: Religion. With the caps. Because to me... that's crazy. TO ME. DAMNIT. I have *never* claimed to speak for Everyone Excepting Carolyn. That, in fact, is her primary tactic. Honestly believing she knows everything about something just because she "studied it in high school", or "knew someone that knew someone who did that". She seems to fail to understand that that DOESN'T bloody mean she necessarily really knows *anything* about it. Some things *can* only be understood on a "been there, done that" basis. She's unbelievably naive, and that's because she's an innocent, but she won't admit it. Argh.

Okay. Enough arghs.

*sigh* Hell, maybe I *am* crazy. And hostile. And... and... other stuff. One of these days, though, I really am just gonna smack her in the head. My temper's not *that* easily-restrained.

Time to move my laundry...

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