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Blah blah blah job creation...

I am writing papers, and watching CTV, and they just showed that bloody BC Industries commercial they made for the election. Some thoughts:

Number One: Has anyone else noticed that of about three dozen cuts showing extremely cheerful people in hardhats in coveralls, there's but one scene (a software company, or so I assume) that includes anybody not all covered in engine grease? Don't get me wrong - until we perfect robotics we need people who enjoy sticking their arms in large whirring machinery. But can I just say: the hell? Why are we no longer speaking in glowing terms about teaching students and linguists and doctoral candidates and TAs at all?? Why are we so disproportionately romanticizing and grossly over-representing occupations that neither fill the tax needs for the social programs people keep demanding nor raising the general social, cultural or intellectual standards of our society? (No, I know why. Never mind.) It's not their fault, necessarily, as they (I guess *my* age-group, actually, so I would know) have been having it drummed into their ever-thickening skulls since grade eight that the non-tangible fields are useless and impoverished and unnecessary and mock-worthy and that that way lies early death in a cardboard-box condo. Thing is, these commercials continue to loudly perpetuate this line of thinking, so obviously someone in the marketing whosit up there knows it's happening, which means they either don't care or are pretending they don't know. It can't just be me who's been freaking out about this for *counts* nine, ten years now, right? Or longer? So why aren't there more people screaming out loud every time these things run? Huh? That's what I want to know. These bloody commercials, and all their ilk, make me uneasy and frequently bloody terrified. I'm an Arts student and a fantasy/sci-fi writer, for crying out loud. I feel threatened. This crap gives me nightmares. Kinda like does reality TV. More people need to be panicking, that's what I think.

(On which count: job creation=FEH. All trade school stuff, all handiwork, all trades. What about *my* field, you bastards? How about building some new theatres, or schools, or enormous beautiful libraries? Or sponsoring amateur artists? Or creating forums? Or improving communications? Or infrastructure? Or transit? Or air quality? Or sewage treatment? Or EDUCATION, let's definitely not forget. Or fixing our stupid civil service so other countries in the Commonwealth stop laughing at us? Okay, drifted off from Provincial to Federal there. Whatever. That's stupid, too. >.<)

Number Two: The election was over ten days ago, assholes. Get some new propaganda. Running election commercials now makes you look even stupider than you already do.

Back to work. Four hundred words to go.

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