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This is a dull post.

Is there some incontrivertible law that when you set three files to download, the first one you want to watch will always be the last one to finish? *growls, wants rest of West Wing*

I need a new Torrent source. Seriously. >.<

Anyway, new lamp ($15) and got four plastic bins (purple, orange, pink, and green) for three bucks each for my recycling, which is now all neatly sorted under the printer. Which is what I did instead of finishing my paper, which is now going to be late. But, ah well. I will finish it after dark when the temperature drops.

Speaking of which, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS HEAT? Fifteen one day, thirty-bloody-billion the next? o.O We're supposed to have a gradual rise, here. Leading up to this heat in about AUGUST. It is now MAY, for anybody up there who hasn't, thus far, been paying attention. May. Late may, fair enough, but still, MAY. Give us a few more weeks of rain and clouds, please. Please? Pretty please? *melts*

Yeah; in case I didn't get that across? It's really hot. (Damnit. Forgot to go bathing suit shopping when I was in Ridge. Still need to do that. Or somewhere. But really desperately need a new one. Especially if this weather persists.)

Okay. Getting reading done now before I pass out. Gyah.

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