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It's not exactly as if I was expecting any kind of sense or closure out of tonight's finale, but...

The Raft: Okay... that I did not call. Hmm.

The Black Smoke: Well, that was... anticlimactic. Um.

The Baby: Beelzebaby has a name! Aaron. Although knowing the significance would be nice.

EDIT: Looked it up.

Gender: Male
Meaning: Enlightened; To Sing
Origin: Hebrew


While we're at it:

Gender: Male
Meaning: Army General
Origin: German


The Comic: I'm obviously an idiot, because that did not occur to me earlier.

The Hatch: Okay, let us review: in what universe would this plan generally strike people as a Good Idea? o.O

(Also, was I the only one sort of hoping all throughout the episode that Kate, after insisting on carrying the dynamite, would meet an... uh... unfortunate end?)

And of *course* they showed us nothing. But to remind everyone: I *did* say the Island is a giant machine. Y'know. Just to have it on record.

EXTREMELY CANADIAN EDIT: Is it just me, or did the Others all look like Newfies? Just the heavy coats, big toques thing, but it kind of threw things off, for me.

Oh, and while we're at it? What the hell's up with that Secret Scene thing? It's tomorrow? Next week? What? *is confused*

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