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Earthsea, Part One: Thoughts

Well, I am not disappointed. Largely due to my having expected the complete crap with which I was presented.

1. Everybody was white. The hell? (It kind of went downhill from there.)
2. They completely missed the boat point on the True Names thing, and have apparently never heard of Sparrowhawk. Which I guess fits, as Shawn Ashmore is, I'm afraid, *not* Sparrowhawk. *headdeskheaddesk*
3. Ogion. Oh, Ogion. That's just not fair.
4. Kristen Kreuk was in it. 'Nuff said.
5. Why was everything happening simultaneously? I do not understand.
6. Random girlfriend? What?
7. I don't know what they were going for with the Order of the Nameless Ones, but it didn't work. It was all... clean and white and... wrong. Just wrong.
8. The Amulet of Peace. Washed up on shore. Around the neck of a random old woman. I do. Not. Understand. And apparently neither do they. What happened to the marvelously complex *plot*? I miss that. Bring that back.
9. If I were Ursula K. LeGuinn, I would be banging my head against the Internet, too.
10. Sidebar: the clothes were pretty. And the silly hat was good. But that's the extent of my enjoyment, so far. They could have spent a little less time on clothes and a little more on not anally raping the story. That would have been nice.

I may or may not watch Part Two. I might have something else to do. Like cleaning the bathtub. Or selling my organs over the Internet.

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