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My stomach is not quite as socially conscious as the rest of me.

I walked to the 7-Eleven to mail an assignment, and on the way back went to the Safeway because I lacked ice cream and had a powerful craving for very fresh cookies and didn't feel like baking and was intending to buy cookie dough (which has the added benefit of being perfectly adequate raw).

I came out with a one-serving cup of ranch-style instant mashed potatoes (When did they start making these and why did nobody tell me?), a package of stuffing, a can of green beans, and chocolate pudding. (You really shouldn't shop hungry. I know this but every single time...) My resulting supper: ranch-style mashed potatoes, Ari-style green beans (which are very good), and stuffing (completely free of the dead bird into which it is intended to be stuffed). Resultant mess: one dirty saucepan, one dirty spoon, one recyclable container, one dirty plate. Time to prepare: approximately nine minutes (about as long as it takes to get abducted by aliens). Supper: delicious, reasonably healthy, fairly well-balanced. Tummy: full.

Mostly I deplore the state of global consumerism, and bemoan our horrendously dependent-upon-pre-packaged-goods culture. Sometimes, however, I wonder how in hell we ever got along without freeze-drying.

EDIT: Watching A Little Princess, because a large part of my brain is thirteen years old and it makes me happy. :P (I need to watch more Alfonso Cuaron. I just like his style.) I have seen this movie at least a dozen times, and I still can't work out whether, in the bit where they wake up and the room is full of food and pretties, we're supposed to think that what's-his-name from next door sneaked in and put everything there, or that they really magicked it into existence. I'm inclined to think the latter, both because I can't figure out how he'd have gotten the fancy sheets, blankets, and pillows (even if he just dressed the same bed) without waking them, and also because I'm just generally inclined to to think that. ;) Thoughts, anyone?

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