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NO FEDERAL ELECTION! HURRAH! I am somewhat, slightly, if not incredibly reassured as to the integrity of our parliamentary system. At least for the moment.


Still not sure what I think about the Stronach thing. I saw that on CBC while I was watching the provincial election the other night, blinked, and went to tell Mum, who works for the provincial level of the Ministry of which they put her in charge. I mostly went to tell her that our riding had won NDP (we were just calling it "we won", because that made us feel better). She was half-asleep, said, "yay," and when I told her about the "defection," she sort of blinked and went "oh." Then woke up a little and went "ooooh."

I still think she's a bit nuts. And I have serious difficulty taking her seriously. (Like, why did everyone but CBC spend slightly more time talking about the terrible feelings of betrayal being experienced by her boyfriend than her defection? Swear to god, I was under the impression that we avoided discussion of our leaders' sexual relationships like the plague. Like we were *above that*. Remember? I remember. Admittedly most of them don't look like itty blond Belinda, and are not individuals one prefers to imagine in such situations. I find the whole discussion distasteful. I think most people do.) But if she keeps that homophobic wackjob out of power, I'll send her a fruit basket and SMILE, smile smile.

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