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We went on a picnic today. (We need to have more picnics. With more people. Anybody up for it?) Kim showed up and we were hungry and bored, so we went and ate in the park. On the way we went to Zellers, because she wanted to check for DVDs and I needed a light saber (there's a phrase you don't hear much in everyday conversation :P).

In the toy aisle (predictably), we got into a light saber duel. She was fighting on the Dark Side, in case anyone hadn't guessed. I, wielding a blue light saber, beat her. Then a small boy appeared, and beat her again. And then, working together, we beat her once more. And then the small boy beat her again. And she fell down onto the floor. And we laughed at her.

(See? Good always triumphs over evil especially in sci-fi. ;)

One: I still really, really don't care about anything Kate might say. Also, I called Sun as the poisoner in the first twenty-something-minutes.

Two: She was cutting his hair. And scolding him. And threatening him. With a big grin. As he played music and rocked the baby (I think they should keep Turnip-Head) and talked about them moving in together in LA. That is a cute beyond the normal boundaries of nature. ^.^

And then watched Gilmore Girls. Really really really hope they're just in jail. No deaths at sea. Rory's never been in jail before, right? This show is already too melodramatic.

Okay! By the way! I would like to get the Star Wars tickets tomorrow. And since I'm going to have to go down there to get them (my credit card payment won't show up that soon), I would now really like a reasonably complete list of people-who-want-tickets. So far I have for sure myself, dragonfly13, mik100, and I assume dianahobart and possibly yshynseth, but I need confirmation one way or t'other. Anyone else still desiring a ticket, weigh in now, please. It is conceivable that more tickets will be available later, but I don't know when I'll be able to use my Visa and as they are advance tickets, they will probably go fast. If/when I do go tomorrow, it probably won't be 'til after four or five PM. So please phone my cell before then (or send me a text message from my profile), or post here.

Okay. Bed now. Actually have to get up tomorrow, as am going fabric shopping.

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