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The Last Jedi Hurrah is happening next Thursday. So. IRL-folk? What's up? Who's in? Who's dressing up? Where should we go? How many advance tickets should I buy?

This is first notice, anyway - I'll start harassing people by telephone once dianahobart and yshynseth return from the wilderness, but I'd like a preliminary list, please. Obviously, I'm going (I'm going to have to slap together a new costume, real quick. Shouldn't be too hard. It's a Gi and a big flowy brown robe. I can do that. And a new light saber. I used to have one but I lost it.), as is mik100. Anybody else?

Had a craving for a milkshake and a ferocious case of boredom, so I went out to get a movie and some ice cream with which to make a milkshake, because the only place around here that makes them is Dairy Queen and they use soft-serve, which does not a true milkshake make. I stopped at the Zellers to get straws, because I don't have any, and oh, the stupidity. First of all, I spent ten minutes wandering around the bottom floor where they keep the food, figuring that was the most logical place to keep them. Silly me, assuming they use logic to catalogue goods. I finally asked someone, and guess where they keep the straws. No, really... go on, guess.

Wrong! They keep them with stationery.

Yeah, that's what I said.

This made slightly more sense to me when I made my way upstairs and discovered that straws (all straws) had been placed with party things, paper plates, napkins, that sort of thing. However, I was again annoyed upon discovering that there were only two straw-purchasing options. The first was a "jumbo" box with three hundred straws. Three hundred straws. Nothing slightly smaller. At 2.17, not too pricey, but first of all, I only had 1.73, and second of all, I don't need three hundred straws. I will never need three hundred straws. I can't even conceive of a circumstance wherein I might require three hundred straws. Not if an army of slavering barbarian mercenaries descended upon my apartment looking for a party might I need that many straws, not in the least because I haven't got that much booze. The extremely slim likelihood that the barbarians would even have heard of drinking straws might also enter into the equation. Anyway, the important thing is, three hundred straws are too many.

The other option was a package of six bendy straws with little paper umbrellas cheaply cunningly attached to them. This is a miracle of modern engineering. They are wonderful. They were one dollar and nineteen cents. My chocolate milkshake is festive and tropical. And ironic. It's a frosty chocolate trophy.

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