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I spent forty-five minutes in the library computer lab, scanning in sketches. It took me that long (for SEVEN sketches) because all of the school's computers run Windows NT but versions 3.0 and below on *everything* else. Don't know why. (Maybe because - as I believe I've mentioned previously - this school doesn't know it's figurative ass from its proverbial elbow.) I had this little chibi-me I was planning on making into an LJ icon. (I want a chibi-me icon, damnit! Everyone *else* has one... *whinebitchwhine*)

Forty-five minutes passed, I had scanned everything, saved everything on my H-Drive, and then just as a precaution e-mailed everything to myself, because I've never been able to get *into* my H-Drive, because the school network runs about as quickly and as well as a handicapped mutant sea turtle with no head.

This is when the computer decided to crash. And I figured, okay, that's okay, because I've saved everything.


I booted back up and tried to access the H-Drive... only to find that it had VANISHED into metaphorical thin air. And it seems that everything I e-mailed bounced, because the school e-mail servers apparently do not *tell* you when a file's too big to fit out the door. It doesn't tell you until it rebounds back to you, WITHOUT the file you sent, to remind you that all the stuff you just scanned is gone.

I had to re-scan everything. I went in expecting to take twenty minutes... came out an hour and a half later. Sigh.

Hmm... I've watched this show about five times now, and I don't know the name. It looks a bit like a British sitcom... with many witty comebacks. I like. :)

And now I've finished colouring a new sketch whose face looks unfortunately like that of the annoying girl from the shitty 3rd series of Digimon. Erk.

I hate the school computers. I want to live in a land where networks *don't* hang thrice daily, eat e-mail and files, and *don't* spit viruses in your general direction every time you access them. I hate the H-Drives. SIGH.

On the plus side, I think I'm making Carolyn addicted to tea. AND I'm making at least Keltie, and hopefully Carolyn a Ring-Geek. Mwahah. *steeples fingers* We will have them, my Precious... Mwahahhah.

Ooh! Keltie has LIZARDS! And they're very cute. Two Leopard Geckos, one male, one female, about a year old. She hasn't named them yet... though the female is starting to look like a Sybil. Or something. ;)

Kettle's boiling...


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Jan. 20th, 2002 09:15 pm (UTC)
I, for one, have no chibi-me icon. :) Comes from having no distinguishing features to caricaturize.

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