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I am trying to write CvsE. I am trying because I swore I was going to finish it this summer. I am trying because I have been STUCK ON THIS ONE SCENE FOR A BILLION YEARS. Stupid Cody. Stupid Aunt Lucy. Stupid emotionally-repressed family. Arrrrghhhh. *tears out hair*

I've been staring at it all day, and I have squeezed out only about a page of really stilted conversation. Seriously. All day. I have also found myself procrastinating. From writing. That's just not right, damnit! Writing is what I do to procrastinate! What the hell is going on? Why won't they co-operate? DAMNIT. *kicks them*

The really frustrating thing is that I know what happens *after* this scene; I've got the next fifty pages or so actually plotted out, but I don't want to just skip ahead and write that, because I always do that and it's kind of a cop-out and a bad habit I want to break. I'm only about a hundred pages - three stories - away from finishing this. I want to finish this. I have done *research*. I have pictures. I did an outline, for crying out loud! Which, admittedly, I only do when I'm within spitting distance of the finish line, but hey! I've got one!

I'm going to climb into the story and throttle them, I swear. *growls*

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