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So long, so long, so long, so long, so long...

Went and saw HHGTTG. *geeky snigger* Will not spoil. Except to say: there's a musical number. A wonderful, beautiful musical number. That will lodge itself in your brain and never, ever leave. *repeat snigger*

We (dianahobart, yshynseth, dragonfly13, Savannah, catsclaws, and I) went somewhat in-costume - to the extent that most of us had towels around our necks. Two of us wore housecoats. Mine was too hot, so instead I brought a towel with Ogopogo on it. ;) We got in early and sat there counting bathrobes and towels (the final count, I think, was somewhere around a couple of dozen). After the movie, though, we came out the door and were greeted by this big loud cheer - there was a small crowd of be-towelled and be-robed fellow nerds awaiting the 10:30 showing. They cheered us. That was wonderful.

So long, so long, so long, so long, so long...

I swear to god. For the rest of your life.

After I left everyone else at the 22nd St Skytrain station, I text-messaged my Mum and Dad, who were unable to see the premiere tonight: So long, and thanks for all the fish. About three minutes later, after I'd gotten on the bus, my dad called me back. The conversation went something like this:

Dad: You sent me a text message that portends the end of the world?
Me: *snicker* Yes.
Dad: Is it the end of the world?
Me: Not to my knowledge. It's the end of the movie, though.
Dad: Ah. *pause* So, is it good?
Me: Yes, yes, it's very good.
Dad: Is it better than the BBC version?
Me: Well, it's shinier.
Dad: Did they make everyone American?
Me: Well, Zaphod, and Trillian, and Ford. (Shut up, this is not a spoiler, it's inferable from the trailers.) Not Arthur, though.
Dad: Not Arthur, eh? The only one who's British is the buffoon? (He affected a slightly offended tone, here, being British.)
Me: Well, and Marvin.
Dad: Well, no. No American could really pull that off.
Me: Yes. He's voiced by Snape and acted by Willow.
Dad: *contemplative pause*
Dad: So you're saying there's no pressing reason for my having been drinking all evening?
Me: That depends. Isn't tonight your gaming night? (Sidebar: every Friday my dad has RPG sessions with his fans. They call themselves the Legion of Doomed. My mum calls them the League of Fat Bearded Men.)
Dad: ...yeeesss...
Me: Well, then, I guess so.
Dad: Point.

And then I went home.

Ah. Geeky premieres are the best kind. ^.^

So long, so long, so long, so long, so long...

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