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Well, today was significantly less traumatising than expected. Largely because everyone who showed up early spent fifteen minutes bitching about the class, the prof, the assignment, and the apparently stated fact that we're being marked like a graduate class. Damnit, I resent that. If I were taking a graduate class in History at all, it would most certainly NOT be in Gender History. Or, I'm sorry, Women's History. It was *supposed* to be Gender History, but we have a die-hard feminist for a prof so everything gender-related that was not of the girl was summarily ignored. So essentially we all got shanghaied into about a thousand times the workload any of us expected. Grr.

But the point is, it's done! I mean, I still have to revise it, but nobody's comments were denunciations of its utter mediocrity, or suggestions to completely re-write it (though several people wanted me to integrate Foucault, and I don't want to.). Admittedly, I have not looked at the prof's comments on my draft yet. I'm working up to it. I'm sure I failed to correctly interpret women's agency and the fact that the horrible mutilations visited upon them by inept physicians were some sort of ploy on their own part to... something like that. Sigh. I don't have to have it revised 'til next Friday. I'm not looking at it for a few days. Just one more exam. Tomorrow. Then revision, and nothing more.

I have a crick in my neck. If that's what you call it. It is annoying more than it is painful. Took ibuprofen, stretched, poked it, used hot-thing. Nothing. Stupid neck.

*pokes at three measly icons* Damn. Need to renew my paid account.

Anyway, the real reason I made this post was to make a completely unrealistic desperate solemn vow that I will get some damn writing done this summer. I have no on-campus classes, and only three of them, and even when I get a job down I won't really have any real excuse to not write. I really need to get back into writing Peacemaker, especially, and I'd like to finish C vs E before Fall so I can spend the next semester editing it to death.

To do for this weekend: start re-reading HGttG, update resume, and watch out Watson that's not a bellboy it's a trick Moriarty is at the falls aaaahhh!!!

...sorry. Knowledge Network. Reichenbach Falls. I know it goes on after this but I always panic because it's so angsty...

...*ahem*. Sherlock Holmes fangirling over. Back to what I was... my... damn. What the hell was I going to say?

*gets distracted again by the angst* Poor Watson. *sniff*

Yeah, I totally forgot what I was talking about. Such is life. ;)

EDIT: I do need to pick up my course materials next week. Right.

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