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Saw Sin City. Preliminary thoughts until the Final Week from Hell is over and I get back custody of my brain.

One: OMG THE PRETTY. That was one of the most gorgeously-edited, beautifully-filmed, and artistically-staged things ever. Loved the contrast-shots. They made blood pretty. That's... odd. o.O

Two: Jessica Alba did not annoy me once. Which is shocking since everything she's done since Flipper has irritated the crap out of me.

Three: icon thoughts, the second belonging to mik100:

a)A shot of Kevin, reading: Cannibal Hobbit Seeks Dog-Lover
b)Elijah Wood Eats Hookers
c)A picture of Becky at the payphone, reading: Hey, Mom! You'll never guess what happened at Yale... (Because both Kim and I agreed that in the last scene Heather Graham's voice was practically screaming out of the telephone receiver.)

Definitely one of the most fandom-incestuous movies I've scene in a while. Everyone was in this movie. Why couldn't that many actors have been beating down the gates to the X-Men movies? Also they cast the two most freaky-eyed people in Hollywood: Elijah and Alexis. Crazy Bing Crossby-blue eyes, both of them. And now I really kind of want to see them starring together in a movie. Something snarky. With aliens and/or guns and/or magic and/or lots of math-and-myth-geeking. Alexis is always so nerd-cute and Elijah tends to come off, amused, as an extremely twisted little bastard, and enjoys the impression. And both of them, the snark. It would be great.

And finally, because I refuse to let Kim enjoy it as much as she did: I got carded going into the theatre. Sigh. I mean, okay, I acknowledge that maybe under all circumstances I do not necessarily appear to be over eighteen, but why does that only happen when my hands are full of food? I almost dropped my pop.

Ooookay. Four and a half sources out of eight trawled for quotes, one and one half sources worth of quots entered. Still haven't touched the primary source. Have one page of actual paper, and eleven pages of Word file. Gyagh. I'm going to try for an extension on the Shakespeare paper, though I am not optimistic.

Going to sleep now, getting up early... ish. Have to return some books tomorrow, which means getting through the last hardcover before noon. Gods, just let this semester be over with...

...I saw the best HGTTG trailer on bigscreen! And am slightly ashamed to admit that the Episode III trailer got me excited. I know. I should have learned my lesson already... but the fall of the Republic! Sad...

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