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Sign of the times... :D

In my PoliSci class today, my prof (the same one who said that the only real reason there's a social opposition to cross-dressing is because you can't slaughter British invaders wearing pink chiffon... ;) was talking about Pluralism and Group Theory. And he was comparing Neo-Pluralism with Classical Pluralism. Seeking an appropriate analogy for the difference between them, he scrolled mentally through a whole lot of sports analogies... before getting this lightbulb-went-on-above-my-head expression. And then he went on to use Quidditch as an analogy for Democratic Pluralism.

Quidditch. Like, from Harry Potter. My PoliSci prof is a Harry Potter fan. It was hilarious.

At the end of the class, he ordered everyone who hasn't seen the movie to go and see it. I love this guy.

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