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My Upass is found! Somebody actually turned it in to the Lost and Found. I had to sign a book to get it back, but it's back! *kisses Upass* Good Upass.

*wary look skyward* If this is the universe making up for yesterday, I'm owed a rain of foil-wrapped mint chocolates and a fat, unmarked envelope of cash on the sidewalk, please.

I'm going to curl up in the library lounge and read and probably fall asleep. Then I'm going to my last official class of the semester (discounting the anomalous one on the 15th because we had to reschedule a workshop), bask in the glow of my beautiful, beautiful H.D. paper, eat a cookie, and go home and take a nap. A real nap. An intentional nap. A nap from which I do *not* have to rouse before five in order to do last-minute homework. A nap from which I will hopefully only be awoken by the door buzzer when mik100 arrives for LOST.

Much prefer Wednesday. Definitely. ^.^

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