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Today has gotten off to a flying start, I must say. Was up 'til three finishing/editing/printing my 207 paper, then reading seven other people's papers for 425 this morning, went to bed, set the alarm...

...and woke up at 8:52. This was a problem mainly because my class is at 9:30. So I got dressed, put on shoes, grabbed some water and actually had to run for the bus, which was crossing 6th just as I got there. Grr. No tea, no brekkie, no sleep. My brain conked me out for an extra hour and I am *still* tired, I should note. Also nauseous, achy, and possibly feverish, though I didn't have time to check. I did have a serious several seconds of running-for-the-toilet, but I guess there was nothing in my tummy to expel.

What's that? Stay the hell home, you idiot, you say? Well I would love to do that, do the *rational* thing, but crazy history prof still thinks we're grad students so "missing a workshop for any reason is unacceptable" (bold hers). She went on and on for weeks about how we'd be using the whole four hours and intensely discussing stuff and... we're not. We're really, really not. I had to read seven papers and then I was fifteen minutes late. Today sucks. Why couldn't yesterday suck? Yesterday I would at least have expected it. Tuesday is definitely not supposed to be worse than Monday.

We also did *not* use the whole four hours (we have yet to actually do so), so it is now twelve-thirty and I have Shakespeare at two-thirty... and I'm really feeling like I'm going to puke. Not consistently, though, so I'm having alternating bouts of "starving to death" and really wanting to eat, and "oh god not food don't even look at food", and being afraid to get within five feet of food of any kind. I really want to go home. But it's the last class...

...and I still have my Wilde presentation to put together. Now, if I went home now and napped for a few hours, I'd be alive enough to just pick up the damn thing and kick it 'til it was done; if I felt less crappy I'd feel better about probably working through the night to finish it... tomorrow my day is over by two in the afternoon, so it wouldn't be nearly as bad as today.

And I missed the last lecture, too. And I really should get the notes from Esther or someone, because I have to do that paper soon.

Arrgh. >.< I hate today.

EDIT: I have lost. My Upass. AGAIN. *screams and hits things*

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