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LOST spoiler

Brief one as am working.

Okay, so that was the most predictable episode ever. I mean, all the backstory was. Called it. Called it right through. Also, mik100 totally called the drugs. I mean. Come on. Big piles of shoddily-manufactured Virgin Mary statues. Yeah. Drugs.

And. Um. Called the other thing. BOONE, YOU IDIOT. I'm a little sad about that, because it has obviously really fucked with Locke, and I like Locke, shut up you people about how he's evil. He CRIED, damnit. And he has magical powers. Like Walt. Powers. POWERS TO DO WITH THE ISLAND. He has a tortured past. And there's something in the island. Of the island.

And by the way, I want to repeat this so that next week when it turns out I'm right it's down somewhere: THE ISLAND IS A GIANT MACHINE. There. Down. See? Big giant machine, or incredibly advanced artificial intelligence gone evil and messing with the castaways like cute fleshy stupid puppets. Getting a little ooked out by the Island-as-God thing that seems to be gaining greater prominence, by the way. He had to trade Boone for the light? *shudder* Extremely creeped out. Very very much. I should talk - Kim actually fell off the couch and writhed. It was funny. ;)

So the baby, huh? 'Bout bloody time. Though if they pull that tired old spiel where the baby is born just as someone else slips away, I'm going to scream. Actually.

Off I go. Annotated bibliography to fake and Gilmore Girls to watch.

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