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It's that time of year again: the Liberals are making election commercials. >.

LIBERAL CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL: *lala la, pretty shiny music, helicopter shots of snow-capped mountains* Look! We've done such a good job! Look at how well we've done for education! Biggest funding increase to post-secondary in the past decade! Wheee! *glugglugglug*
ME: *astonished stare*

Excuse me: FUNDING INCREASE? Is that why tuition has gone up OVER ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in the last four years? Are you people actually LIVING IN YOUR ASS? HOW DO YOU BREATHE LIKE THAT?


They're actually touting this as one of their successes. That they have engineered a funding increase to post-secondary since they got elected. *blinks, stares*

While we're at it, why the hell hasn't the NDP put out any commercials yet? I'd like to see some Liberal-bashing from someone other than the BC Teachers Union, please (though acknowledgedly theirs are pretty effective).

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