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Crap crap crap crap.

So, tomorrow my group in Shakespeare class will be re-enacting a scene from Henry the Fifth: the night before the Battle of Agincourt, where Henry wanders around the camp in disguise and talks to the English soldiers. Except we're doing it as a corporate retreat, and the war is between two rival software companies - we're wearing plaid and toasting marshmallows instead of wearing armour and sparring. Anyway, we were going to be wearing "Hi, My Name Is" stickers. This, along with finding, cutting, and burning to CD the firecrackle-cricket-frogs-and-assorted-night-noises for background, was my job. I did the second thing. But I just realized that damnit damnit damnit I forgot to get the stupid name tags. *tears out hair*

I'm going to have to get there early and hope against hope the bookstore has them. Otherwise, we're going with post-its. *sigh*

Whatever. Plaid. And a green hat. And crackly fire-noises. And MARSHMALLOWS. And I get to shine a flashlight in people's faces and yell at King Henry. And orange and purple finger gloves. And Shakespeare! Whee!

Post-its. Whatever.

EDIT: I should have pushed for s'mores. ;)

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