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Well apparently, I could have gone to the career fair. My 9:30 class was cancelled. No email or anything, just a little sign on the door. *hates that*

So I have three hours to kill, now. And nothing with which to kill it, as I did not anticipate a huge three-hour chunk of nothing between my 9:30 class and my 12:30 class. *seriously contemplates going home*

*or to buy shiny electronic stuff with the pretty Future Shop gift card she got for her birthday*

I still don't know what to buy with it, really. I don't know how much is on it, and I don't know if I want a)an expansion card for my MP3 player, b)more RAM, c)a jump drive, d)a headset for my cell phone, e)new speakers that don't suck *and* work with my new monitor, or f)new headphones.

I just realized that I didn't even *bring* my MP3 player. Bugger. That was stupid.

EDIT: Between now and the end of April, I have due: 4 papers (one for each class), 2 presentations (one in Shakespeare, one in 19th-century Lit), 2 paper proposals (one for 20th-century lit, one for history), and 2 reviews (both for history, both completely unecessary and superfluous and serve only to give us more work, because AS IF anybody pays attention to peer reviews in an undergraduate class). There are *looks* four weeks of class left, not counting the extra 425 class we have on the 15th of April because the prof is leaving the country and we had to miss a workshop. *collapses*

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