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News: "We begin tonight's broadcast with two breaking stories. We will be going live to the site of a multiple shooting this evening in Seattle. But first, we take you live to our tracking of the Martha Stewart motorcade as she gets her first taste of freedom after five months in prison."
News: *cuts to Martha Stewart feed*
Me: *weeps for humanity*

*goes back to CBC*

CBC: "...the raid has left five people dead, four of them RCMP officers, making it the single worst multiple killing of RCMP officers in modern Canadian history."

The worst before this was during the Northwest Rebellion. On reflection, I'd say that's actually a pretty good record for the RCMP. You don't hear about a lot of Canadian cops killed in blazing gunfights, and I think the national annual rate for murders is like... a tenth of what New York gets in a day, or something? You'd think, first, that maybe we're just less violent than Americans... but our national sport leaves people habitually toothless. I think we're just about as violent, just not with guns, and we have a lot more wilderness in which to work out our frustrations. Running around banging our heads against trees, and all. (Which reminds me, I need to start jogging again. o.O)

EDIT: Every single news station except the near-'Merkin one (I think... King 5?) is talking about it. Also I bet tomorrow every public institution in the city will be flying the flag at half mast. Sometimes this country is just awe-inspiring.

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