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Why do they keep sending me things? o.O

I got a flyer yesterday from the Conservatives. The front asks me "Are the Liberals playing politics with Canada's immigration system?" And after I thought: "What a stupid question," I opened it. The inside told me that evil Mr. Martin is allowing some applicants for immigration to jump the queue by giving them jobs on Liberal campaigns. This is apparently some kind of massive crisis. I have trouble seeing it as such, myself, given the number of people who apply for immigration and the limited number of spots on a campaign. Anyway. The Conservative party promises to reform the system in a way that "enriches our economy" (translation: "we will accept more highly-paid professionals to fill the spots both parties are emptying of educated people"). Whatever. It goes:

Dear voter:
Panic and vote Conservative! The Liberal party is fucking up immigration and letting strippers into the country! STRIPPERS!
(Then there's a little box with two questions: 1. Do you support the Conservative plan to return fairness and integrity to the immigration system? [yes/no] 2. Is the Conservative Party of Canada on the right track? [yes/no] Sadly there is no FUCK NO box.)

My answer would go thusly:

Dear Conservative party:
I'm a socialist. I don't like EITHER OF YOU. Stop sending me things.

...but there's no room in the little box for all that.

Rather inconsiderate of them, I thought.

Also, their logo is stupid. :P

EDIT: Is it wrong that crap like this mostly just makes me wonder "and why isn't he dead yet?"

Ah, well. Like I wasn't going to hell anyway. ;)

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