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The BC Liberal government has promised to create 25,000 new post-secondary spaces (which are mostly in middle-of-nowhere schools - University College of the Caribou? And where the hell is Northern Lights College?) in BC by 2010. They have been non-specific as to how. (Cue image of Jayne with knife and smirk.)

The fact that by the time 2010 rolls around there will be something like twice that promised magical number of students trying to enter college and university has apparently not ocurred to Mr. Campbell.

And now he's walking around talking about how proud he is that he's "gotten British Columbia's tuition fees up to the level of the rest of the country". Here's some news, Mr. Campbell: EVERYBODY ELSE'S ARE ALREADY TOO FUCKING HIGH. Hell; it's gone up more than a hundred percent since I started. And then he rambles proudly about how he's going to maybe-perhaps-possibly re-institute a freeze now that things have levelled off (which wouldn't help anyone much), and then delights the crowd talking about the shiny new extra budget money, almost all of which came from the tuition increases. BASTARDS.

And now, some Monday Report:

"Outgoing U.S. Ambassador Paul Cellucci was quoted in the Globe and Mail today, urging Canadians not to be complacent about terrorism. Paul: we're Canadians. Urging Canadians not to be complacent is like urging Scandinavians not to be blond."

"Canada's women in Parliament: because women belong in the House."


EDIT: Molson has been bought by Coors. Er. The end is nigh?

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