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Done! Hurrah! Now, some research for the other thing.

Still pondering the feasability of writing a 10-page history paper on the fact that the majority of fanfiction writers are female, although the same may not be said of the offline fandom. I'm mostly just uncertain as to whether it's at all possible to find literature on that, because I do need secondary sources, *gag*. Because I'm not totally certain that anyone with "credentials" is going to research us poor nerdy losers without talking about us like we're poor nerdy losers. (I keep typing "nerdly".) And I don't want to be distracted from my Great Research by plotting the slow deaths of the condescending blustering academians who've probably only been online ever to research the paper, grargh. Thoughts?

Hmm. Should perhaps eat something. Brain perhaps going squishy from over-exertion. o.O

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