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I switched my essay topic. Gods am I glad I did. It is so much easier to ramble about poetry than a book with swirly idiotic prose. I'm sorry. It's sticking with me. Know when you read something really incomprehensible and you can't figure out why it's so incomprehensible, and you're not sure if it's the way it's written or if it's you and your brain really has finally turned to mush, and you worry, and then eventually you get pissed off and fling the damn thing across the room and change topics but the frustration sticks with you?

Yeah, that.

It's going, though. Going. *sigh* I think I need tea.

I did not mention: I finally sent the Christmas packages on Friday; all Expresspost but the close ones, so they should arrive by next Wednesday, latest. *dances* I love packages. Sending or getting. It's all good. ;)

Also, in the process of which, I finally did a proper recording of No One Should Be Laughing, so if anybody wants it, IM me.

Okay. Have two-and-one-half pages out of six, and none out of five for the other one... should get the hell back to work.

After tea.

EDIT: Worms on Thursday! *dances, again, with a tiny flag*

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