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So, they're making Da Vinci Code into a movie. Hmm. I just keep thinking there's such a ridiculous amount of involved detail that there's no way they'll be able to make it sensical in something movie-length. Then again, I'm cynical.

Also, Tom Hanks? I mean, just... Tom. Hanks. I guess, maybe, to look at, yeah, Richard Langdon. But he's just so... goofy. Although they've got Audrey Tautou playing Sophie, which could redeem it, although she's absolutley nowhere near how I imagined her.

And... Ron Howard. Um. o.O

So the upside is that if done right, it would be extremely cool, but the downside is that if it sucks, it would suck spectacularly, in a painful, noisy, colourful, scarring, Catwoman-with-Halle-Berry, Lord-of-the-Rings-by-Ralph-Bakshi sort of way. I am also very uneasy imagining big orchestral music behind, say, the bank vault scene. I'd much rather see it done like an A&E miniseries. Sherlock Holmes or Poirot or somesuch. Understated and evenly-paced and subtle and ohhh, I am so nervous about the possibility of them fucking it up utterly.

But it could be shiny...

*is of two minds*

*is also, obviously, such a geek*

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