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So I'm making myself an extremely late lunch after my only quasi-intentional nap (I came home, changed back into jammies, and collapsed insensible on the bed), when comes a knock on my door. I pull on a sweater and open it, and what do I find? Two small children, through whose broken English I manage to discern that they are selling chocolates. Always up for chocolate, I peer into the box, and what do I see? One lonely little box of Mint Meltaways! Which I haven't seen since high school! I thought they'd stopped making them! But no!

The downside to having one box of Mint Meltaways now in my posession is that I only have one box, and when they are gone I will have no recourse. It is so sad. :(

But in the meantime, I have Mint Meltaways! :D

EDIT: Is fifteen dollars too much for a pound of mint chocolate in shiny foil wrappers?

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