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I could really come to hate club week. The AQ is completely jammed with tables and signs and all the people between classes who would normally be curled up in corners studying are wandering aimlessly up and down, gawking and blocking traffic, some intentionally as they try to stuff a pamphlet into your hand as you pass. On the plus side, I got a handful of new buttons, and apparently there's a creative writing magazine coming into existence, to which I think I might actually submit something.

On the other hand (or not so much), I am STARVING. Not literally, of course, but I haven't eaten today, I only ate once yesterday, and my stomach is now loudly reminding me of this fact by squishing itself into unrecognizable shapes which are not helping my worsening headache. Tragically I have, to my name, approximately $18.86, one cent of which is in my pocket and the other $18.85 of which is spread across two accounts and is trapped there, as the Scotiabank machines won't give out tens, and none of what I've got amounts to twenty. In addition, Dad doesn't know how to access their accounts and alleviate this situation. Dad is so useful. >.<

The club thing could potentially work in my favour, as many of those tables are offering free food as incentive to let them talk at you, but most of it's got nuts or is made of dead animal or is just plain nasty (ie: extremely stale jujubes), or is just not worth it. The best treat I've seen so far is President's Choice chocolate chip cookies, but they're at the Catholic Students at SFU table and the table-minders are disturbingly fierce. o.O

I am hungry. I am strongly tempted to go the hell home. :(

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