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A verse.

My head hurts.
This haiku is crappy
because pain is distracting.

EDIT: Two weeks paid time for free! Score! The funny part? My paid account expired at 9:45AM yesterday morning. That was a well-timed blackout, that was.

*ducks* Don't hurt me! I have also suffered! Ask the six LJ-users with whom I spent Saturday! *hides*

PONDERY/JITTERY EDIT: Question for later consideration: I need nine more courses, or the equivalent. While I could do that in two semesters, I'd prefer to graduate with some grey matter intact. Possible solutions include a) taking 2-3 courses over the summer and to hell with recuperating/taking a semester off of academia and getting a job, b) sucking it up and doing five one semester, four the other *cringe* c) running away, changing my name to something hobbity, digging a hole in the ground, and never reading another literary treatise or long-winded ramble on feminist post-structuralism ever, ever again (note to blustering academians: no matter how high-handed your language, and how lofty and creditable your references, your paper will never be of any interest to anyone reasonable if you spend sixteen pages straight rambling delightedly on pure theory WITHOUT EVER MAKING REFERENCE TO AN ACTUAL PIECE OF LITERATURE), d) having a nervous breakdown, thereby avoiding all this nonsense. Option D is compatible with options A-C. (Alternate consideration E: You still need to decide whether to do PDP or an MA, idiot.)


My brain hurts, and I'm not even up to another really bad haiku. >.

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