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In case anyone was wondering...

...I made it home alive, about ten minutes ago.

Also, for those that didn't know, I lost my Upass. I am not pleased. I discovered this as Kim and I were getting on the 97 to go to Maple Ridge.

(On which topic - brief aside - my loan forms finally showed up! So tomorrow I can get them stamped and things, and in five business days minimum, I can finally buy books and pay my two months backlog in bills and pay back my parents, hurrah! Unfortunately we had to go all the way out to Ridge and Pitt 'cause Kim's GST cheque showed up there, for some reason, and neither of my parents was willing to drive in the snow. So. ;)

While there, we were almost killed by moronic teenage rednecks (Wow. Triple redundancy. O.O) tooling around in their big stupid overpriced inefficient obnoxious pickup trucks. Several times. I think they followed us as we walked through the industrial park from the bus stop. We kept having to dive over concrete dividers and duck into parking lots to avoid them. Fun.

Actually, it would have been sort of secret-agent-y if it hadn't been so cold and I hadn't been wearing a backpack. Slowed me down, y'know. Also, Kim was in heels. *mournful headshake*

Fortunately - back on topic - I had a book of 2-zone passes on me, but that still means I spent six bucks tonight I shouldn't have had to spend. Grr. Never lost it before. Bummed twenty bucks off Dad - as have no cash, not even pennies (Actually, I do have *one* penny. Picked it up on the bus at Dunn. But I gave the rest to the Unicef lady at Ikea last week. Don't look at me like that. It was roughly eighty-two cents in change. :P). So if there are indeed classes tomorrow and the stupid office is open, I can replace it then.

I hope not, actually. About the classes, I mean. So sleepy. Head hurts. Reading. Can do reading. I swear I'll do reading!

Megan's right. Classes only get cancelled when they're useless to me. For example I bet anything they'll be cancelled Friday, which I have off, and likely Thursday, on which day I do have a seminar, but it's not happening 'cause the TA broke her leg, or something. Which I will probably feel worse about once I've met her. ;)

Okay. Collapsing into bed, now.

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