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Jan. 11th, 2005

So my four-hour seminar only lasted about an hour and a half, and she says we'll almost never do the full four hours. That's nice, I guess. It's amazing what difference an hour of sleep can make as to whether I'm cold, achey, and sniffly all morning.

Now, here's a quandry. It's supposed to snow, and all my profs are rushing through their classes so that "when they close the campus, we don't get trapped up here". The SFU weather/road condition site, however, shows no sign of confirming that the campus will, indeed, be closed. Knowing, however, that weather conditions on top of a mountain can change at a moment's notice, I am uncertain. I have three hours, now, until my next class, only half a paperback to read, no homework to do ('cause I'm broke and the bookstore is jammed), and no money. Also I am starving. Reference point number four in the sentence before last. The question is, do I stay, and risk getting stuck up here if they *do* close the campus (they only do this if it's too tough for the buses to make the trip, so I would quite likely be stuck with nothing to do but curl up in the Rotunda until morning, or whenever they clear the roads), or go home now, and risk missing my second class, on the off-chance that this "snow" thing doesn't happen?

Damnit, now that I thought about it, I'm even hungrier. Maybe I'll go stand in line at the bookstore and get what I can fit on my Visa. After that I'll check again. If I can still flee the storm, then, I think I'm fleeing. o.O


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Jan. 11th, 2005 02:49 pm (UTC)
If this helps, the last time they closed the campus part way through the day it was sheer chaos trying to get off the mountain. Simple math equation really 1,000 of UPass-holding students trying to take bus home at same time=total chaos. It's not quite true that they only close if the buses can't make the trip but it is true that only about half the usual buses will show up.

So I would flee. Why is it classes are only cancelled when I don't have class??
Jan. 12th, 2005 07:10 am (UTC)
Sheer cruelty of fate, I'd imagine. For example, I'm almost certain, now, that class will be cancelled Thursday (when I would normally have a class that has been cancelled), and it's almost an iron-clad certainty that my day off, Friday, will be a no-class day. Just because.
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