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"Not an artist? Doesn't matter anymore. You can be taught everything you need to know."


Gods, how I despise these commercials.

I have also decided that Blast from the Past is disturbingly reminiscent of Farnham's Freehold. Especially that scene when Brendan Fraser's character, Adam, brings Eve (Alicia Silverstone) down to meet his parents, and Adam says: "I'm asking you to trust me, without understanding why," and his father replies: "Oh, well, in that case, of course." That is a parent-child relationship straight out of Heinlein. I mean, there's no actual time travel, or a world where all the whites are a subjugated class, or a god-like reverence of cats, but Heinlein-like, nonetheless.

Have to find my classrooms tomorrow, I think. Anybody want to come with?

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