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Eck. Y'know how I said Shannon was sort've being... y'know... *okay* again? Well...
I've been wanting to go to Hullaballoo since X started advertising it. Shannon sort've invited me... and we began tentatively planning to go. She owes me like a hundred-something bucks... so I figured, since the likelihood of her ever paying me back is small, just getting her to pay for stuff for me until we're squared would be a far more diplomatic approach. (Note: I said I was using diplomacy... I didn't say I'd forgiven her... :P)

And then she says: "Ray is going." And all my slimy-guy alarms go off. I don't want to say these things to her, because, of course, Shannon's a bit... well... *young* and doesn't take honesty well. But I'm thinking it... that if Ray *is* going, I *really* don't want to, because I think he's a slimy dirtbag who only hooked up with Shannon because she's got a job, and paid for his drugs, and because she's a bit... again... *young* and thought he was just *great*... *affects sarcasm filter*

I've always prided myself on my people-judgement... and that *whole* situation with Ray just sent all my alarm-bells going... I didn't like him then, and I don't like him now, and I like even less that even now that she's ditched his nicotine-and-other-substances-of-dubious-legal-origin-riddled butt she's still hanging out with him. I think the guy's a sleaze. But the last time I told her that, she sort've blew up at me.

It looks now as if he's going... at least not with us... but I *know* my dear Shannon... it would be just like her to arrange an "accidental" meeting so I'd be forced to socialise with her erstwhile ex. Ick. Ick, ick, ick. I *want* to do stuff with Shannon again, I really do. I even *miss* her. But I do not miss her bad people-judgement... and I don't know if I can really trust her, however much I might want to.



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