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Tomorrow the Christmas stuff comes down. Really.

Oh, good. Dakota Fanning in a horror movie. I'll never sleep again. *twitch*

Um. Will not ramble about Lost. Will not ramble about...

So, uh... bored of Sawyer now. They can stop giving him lines now. He can just wander around in the background in low-slung jeans. Shouldn't really bother anyone, given that that's the extent of his contribution, now. ;)

Jesus Christ on a whole wheat cracker, is Jack an idiot. I do not get it. Also, Kate. Why are they getting all this attention? They're boring. So unbelievably disappointed when it turned out to be yet another Kate ep. Why, why, why? I got all excited when Shannon and Boone started having an actual conversation at the beginning of the ep, because usually the first one gets backstory. No such luck. Argh, so boring. And a plastic plane? The fuck?

I want more interesting backstory. This was just intensely boring filler. And then the preview! With PossiblyEvil!Locke! I don't want Locke to be evil!

Poor Charlie. Stupid Rose. Making him cry. I find her boring, too, though I was waiting for her to get a line, and I figured it would be to Charlie. She's not dead, Charlie. Don't listen to her.

Tsunami on the beach. Interesting timing, that. o.O

And can I point out the part where the French woman is so unbelievably not French? She doesn't even roll her Rs properly. And her French is grammatically incorrect. Verb, Subject, Object, lady! I know she's crazy, and all, but that's no excuse.

By the way, if there turns out to be canon support for ShaBoon? I am going to be *so* impressed. Just... wow. We're entering a brave new world, at a really weird time, while we're at it.

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