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We survived! And Happy New Year. Certain people kept falling asleep in the last half hour (weaklings :P), but we got all the way through, with several breaks, a long walk in the middle, and something along the lines of fifteen pots of tea. Also, I made these pastry things with spinach/ricotta filling and sun-dried tomato/pesto/cream cheese filling and they were really, really good. (And I have ridiculous amounts of filling left over, but that just gives me an excuse to actually attempt the puff pastry. I chickened bought it ready-made yesterday.)

I also still have spinach dip and chip dip and chips and some green apple pop I bought but probably won't finish. For the love of god, someone come eat it. I don't think I'm going to be hungry for days. o.O

Aaaaand... still on break for ten more days. Nadja, Jen? We do something. Preferably here, as Nadja's only been here once, and Jen not at all. Yes?

Hey... the hell is this on Family Channel? Nicholas Brendon talking to the girl who played Maria on Roswell. This is extremely disorienting...

...and Xander references make me want to write Siege of Alesia, so I will.

EDIT: Oh, Space... a watermark? How could you? :(

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