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At Isengard:

SARUMAN: "...and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard, seeking my counsel..."

KIM: I bet he narrates his whole life, all the time. "Dressed only in his bathrobe, Saruman the White slinks evilly toward the bathroom..."

RISSA: *snicker, ROFL*

ME: I think he's actually talking *to* Gandalf... but thank you for that mental image.

KIM: Stripey terry cloth bathrobe.

ME: And fuzzy slippers.


At Weathertop:

ME: See, this is where I start getting annoyed with Elijah. "Oh, look: danger. I know, I'll fall down and cry!"

KIM: I love the logic of the Nazgul. "Oh, look, a fire. That must be them."

ME: Well, no one else goes up there... and where the hell is Aragorn, anyway?

KIM: Well, if he's already there, he can't come flying into the scene like Batman.

KIM: *gasp* Aragorn *is* Batman!

KIM: ...That makes Legolas Robin!

ME: If you want to get all technical, sidekick-wise, Robin would probably be Faramir.

KIM: Or Boromir.

ME: Okay, then that would make Faramir Tim Drake Robin, and Boromir Dick Grayson Robin.

KIM AND RISSA: *stare*

ME: Who is also dead.

OTHERS: *fall off furniture*

And we're not even two hours into the trilogy, yet.

This could take a while. ;)

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