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So no classes 'til January 10th. One might expect the reaction to this to be excitement. Jubilation, even.


The reason classes aren't recommencing this semester 'til the 10th is because WE HAVE NO READING WEEK THIS SEMESTER. Something about when Easter Weekend falls.

And moving all that time off to another week might even sound like it works. It even might work - serve as early catch-up time. Except that IF WE'RE NOT IN CLASSES, WE HAVEN'T GOT OUR READING LIST YET, YOU IDIOTS.

I would not complain, but I don't even have a proper syllabus, damnit, for anything. So this is essentially wasted time. That I could be using to be academically conscientious, which I had intended to do better, this semester. Grargh. Just means I'm going to have to work that much harder to keep up the rest of the semester, and that much less free time. >.<

I think I should write something. I should be doing *something* productive. Something. Grr.

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